Tuff Q And the Toastie


Here’s a bonus post.

I’ve just been to the June 11 Saturday Night Fever at BP Baldivis South service station. It was 17º C for the 90 minutes that I was out on the hard pan – but I honestly didn’t feel cold at all – the cars were that good.

This is the Holden that I followed out of the carpark at the end of my stay – we both turned back to the northbound lane of the freeway and headed home past the new bridge works at Aubin Grove train station. I am glad that we got through because between the railways and the road department they will be tearing up this section of freeway for the next billion years…


This is a corker of a car, as you can see from the smooth gold colour and careful attention to chrome detail. But the oddest thing – as you travel behind it on a dark road, the angle of the casting on the rear bumper and the perfect chrome finish combine to make it look as if it is a black-painted bumper. I remember remarking to myself as we swung down off the on-ramp that it was a shame that he couldn’t get it re-chromed…Duh for me…


The night went very well – I think there was going to be some controversy regarding the running of it, and this may still be on the books to resolve. There were fewer cars than my last visit in February, but February was a warm summer evening and we had twilight and all. This time it was black dark with dramatic service station lighting coming from all angles plus the off-camera Fujifilm EF 42 flash. More on this technique in a future post.

The enthusiasts and patrons were perfect ladies and gentlemen tonight – they were careful of my tripod and of each other’s cars. The only thing missing was a food truck with Mexican…but then the servo has a McDonalds and a Red Rooster so I don’t think anyone else would be allowed to get a look in – and we have to pay for our fun somehow. I did $ 10 worth of petrol, a flat white, and a bacon and egg toastie. We’ll find out if it was fresh tomorrow…

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