I Ain’t Fool Enough…

12Zowie Cover Dec 55

a. To get myself involved in a sex fight. I’m not interested in the Heterosexual Agenda, the Homosexual Agenda, The Trans-sexual Agenda, or any other agenda you are trying to push. I’ve got my own agenda …which involves drinks made with bourbon and mint and hot rod cars.

b. To get into a political fight in a country I don’t live in. I could not care less who is campaigning for the Ecuadorian Presidency, and I’ll bet most Ecuadorians are of the same mind. Keep your propaganda for those who need it.

c. To tell someone how to do it. If they know how to do it, they’ll do it. If they don’t, they won’t.

d. To expect the politicians to be honest. They’re politicians.

e. To care what your dragon name was, what kind of a zombie you are, or what past lives you led. I ain’t in your past life – I’m here right now. And dragons and zombies are commercial bullshit.

f. To imagine you are going to be any different here than there. If you were savage pain in the ass there you’ll be a savage pain in the ass here.

g. To buy what I don’t need because it is cheaper than last week. If I didn’t need it then and don’t need it now, I don’t need it. Go away.

h. To think you have been downtrodden. I’ve seen the amount of schooling and opportunities you’ve had for the last 60 years and if you ain’t any good it’s because you ain’t any good.

i. To think that religion will make you better than you were going to be anyway.

j. To think that politicians care about justice. They care about votes, money, and power.

k. To tell a woman what to put in her purse.

l. To eat the sandwiches in the service station cabinet.

m. Trust the Iranian government.




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