No Additional Fees*


*Conditions may apply.

Now we offer you no additional fees on top of the buyer’s premium and the overseas currency exchange application form fee and the international transfer back-charge levy. Of course customs fees and internal security holding charges are normally  added to the 45% intra-service folio.

This means that you can transfer the balances of the personal fee credit paradigms to the flux-capacitor account of your choice under the Fee Fi F.O. Fum. Is there an English person here?

Your new cards will be accepted at over 8 terminals throughout the world and you’ll never have to worry. About travel insurance. Again.

” Does this mean a royalty? ” I hear you ask? Only if the first-born male of the line survives to puberty. It is a complex ruling but since three counties were devastated in 1603 to establish it no-one really wants to change it. Frankly, they don’t want a King but they want those three counties even less…

Now you can have the security of knowing that your passwords can never be lost. Even if you become old or incapacitated in a car accident, your financial deposits will be safely administered by Rajiv in Bangalore as soon as you click on the little window at the bottom of your computer. Please do this now or your account will be suspended. This is not a robotototototot.

The first 10 callers on the BGA hotline will receive a free travel wallet and complimentary bar-pass to the Crazy Horse in Paris. Your first drink will be on the house. Note: it is not a bar. It is a horse with a severe personality disorder. Do not be judgemental.


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