Winners Never Quit And Grinners Never Spit

5Zowie Cover 56

And memers are screamers and panel beaters are…are…are…

Are destined to pass their working lives in dirty and smelly garages without a dedicated inspirational poster. They will have to make do with a Playboy centrefold and a Bardahl sign.

I have been singularly lucky in my first two careers in having been able to avoid most pep-talks, boosters, team-building exercises, and feel-good messages. had I been subject to them I doubt I could have maintained any calm and poise – I would have hit out at someone eventually.

I should have quite enjoyed patriotic war bonds posters ( If I didn’t know them to be a blatant fraud…) and brightly coloured advertisements for cameras in the film era – they were such a product of illustrative genius and technical charm that they were inspiring. They are still glorious to look at in the digital era but there is such a sheen of unreality about them that much of the charm is gone.

Of course, as a computer browser and Facebook user I will have my share of the trite and the trivial every day – either shared or shoved onto my timeline. I’ve become quite philosophical about the blatant political propaganda that people I know pass out – none of it will make me vote for whoever they are touting and the new Apple Magic Mouse II that came with the computer makes it easy to scroll right past them.The sheer volume of FB traffic means that once passed, they sink to the bottom and are rarely seen again. The worst are hidden but most are just bypassed.

Are school students still subjected to them? The ” When The Going Gets Tough…” stuff? Or are they seen as so cynical that no attempt at this sort of locker room sloganeering would succeed.

Still, seeing the ready availability of a publication platform – you’re soaking in it now, Narelle – is tempting. There is enough graphic design power in even the simplest editing program to let one put forward any number of questionable ideas…




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