The Farmer In The 1:32 Dell


Perth is a small town in a small state – look up Western Australia on your Google maps and see what I mean. Why, there is hardly room to swing a cat. As a result, you can be sure of meeting someone eventually, like it or not.


In my case I remember seeing a series of agricultural models at the Model Car Sunday several years ago and was wondering if they would ever re-surface. Today at the Toy Car Collector’s fair…there they were. And there was a back story.


The models are of European farm machinery in a European scene because the builder of the dioramas is a British farmer now living in WA. I gathered that he does not farm here, but likes to remember the days on his 500 acres in the UK. The 1:32 scale farm machinery made by Britains, Wiking, and Universal Hobbies is just the thing for that.


A collection of models from a hobby shop shelf would be interesting to a certain extent but the fact that the chap – Richard – has actual experience in the work means that his eye for colour, detail, act, and weathering is that of an artist. He freely admitted to enjoying time with the airbrush mucking up the models. And the fact that he knows where the dirt goes and how much stays on after the real thing is at work makes it all that more realistic. And it is certainly an encouragement to those of us who are timid when it comes to texture and overspray.


Lordy… do we ever need more men like Richard in the collection and building hobbies. Men who have real knowledge rather than just collectors of cardboard boxes. You could look at his farm scenes all day. look and learn.


I shall be more inspired with my own Canadian project after seeing this. It was well worth the visit to the fair.





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