FOR SALE….Or Not, As The Case May Be

DSCF6267A copyMy 1:18 scale coral and white Nash Metropolitan is not for sale.

My picture of the model is not for sale – though I might be persuaded if you really want one.

What is for sale is the business of taking pictures of 1:18 scale green Renault 4’s…specifically pictures of other people’s items for other people. Let me explain.


Here is an average eBay picture of a 1:18 scale Solido Renault 4 car for sale. It is out of the box but could just as easily be a pristine item kept carefully away from small children and UV light in a non-smoking house that practiced vegan principals and voted solid Democrat. But the advantages or otherwise of these circumstances is entirely lost to the viewer – the picture is terrible. The viewer is not likely to become a buyer based on this illustration. And buyers are what makes eBay go round.

The temptation for anyone selling on small markets to take their own pictures is nearly unbeatable. With a digital Sony pocket camera every Mom is a photographer and if she is selling embroidery or junk jewellery or whatever, she is likely propping her wares up on the dining room table and shooting away – as our toy car seller did. The question is whether she is shooting the products or her foot.


This second green Renault 4  ( I’ll let you into a secret…it is the same model…) is taken on a professional product table with correct illumination – softbox and underlight – and shows the model to the best advantage. it is colour-correct, focused, framed well, and sized right. It calls to the browser and makes him or her want to own the car. Which they can’t because I’m not selling it, but you get the drift.

Here’s my pitch – and for the overseas readers the pitch is futile…but for Perth readers it is entirely relevant – Dick Stein’s Little Studio does this sort of illustration for web, eBay, and publication work every day of the week. It is the foundation of good social media shots and shows shop products to their best advantage. People who like the look of things that they see…buy the things that are shown.

The rates are reasonable – in fact they are darn cheap. The turn-around time for shooting and preparing is blazingly fast because the work is done on the product table – not with endless hours of computer work. The studio is central to the southern suburbs and can tacked lots of different sized objects, fabrics, and whatever. Foodstuffs are no problem and delicate items are safe. I can collect, illustrate, and return, or come out to premises with a portable setup to do much the same thing for larger items.

So if you’re selling mermaid tails or jewellery, or your own collection, or your artwork…call me on 0424 367 050 and we’ll talk.

I can also do posters and advertising material for your bellydance, glamour, cabaret, costuming, or other entertainment needs. I don’t do freebies anymore for this because I’ve been bit before, but my commercial rates are very reasonable. And if you are small enough to fit on the product table you can have a lovely under lighting…

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