The WNIKAMT Moments In Our Daily Life


You are probably used to seeing acronyms in your daily life – SNAFU, NIMBY, and TGIF come to mind, particularly if the F is F the 13th…well make a place for WNIKAMT as it will occur more and more in the next few months.

Americans will have it until at least November – Australians until June. Then the winning politicians will win and the losing politicians will lose and the little men who clean up around the country will get out their scrapers and remove the faces from the walls.

WNIKAMT stands for We’re Not In Kansas Any More Toto. A valid analysis of so much that we see. It need not be witches and flying monkeys either – we can see it down the paint aisle of our local Home Depot or Bunnings just as well. I saw it today.

The back story is my project to build 1:18 scale dioramas for my model car collection. You gotta be a scratch builder for 1:18 because no-one except the die cast manufacturers wants to know. Why not, I can’t say, but there it is. I am completing work on a roadside diner and have gotten to the car park area. The big sheet of grey matte board that forms it is fine, but has no texture. In 1:18 scale you need texture.

The experiment of spraying a scrap piece of board and shaking garden sand on it was successful. I sprayed several grey and black colours on this and it made a fine gravel surface. Out of spray glue and wanting to tackle tone big lot, I went to Bunnings. Spray can glue is dearer than paint pot glue but I wanted it to be wet quickly before I scattered the sand. After getting the glue I wandered past the cage of spray paint cans.

There were cans of granite-surface acrylic paint – light and dark grey – they purported to spray something similar to the granite counter tops that kitchen renovators use. Grey paint with white,and black flecks was supposed to spray out. Curiousity…

I made a trial at home and then turned to the big parking lot. A little over a minute later I had a perfect 1000m x 900mm gravel parking lot that was better than anything I could ever have devised. It dries for 24 hours and then the oil stains, parking lines, and weeds go onto it. Talk about WNIKAMT…

This also begs the question…what other marvels are there hidden on the shelves of the hardware store…or the art supply store…or the professional paint store? If I can spray a gravel parking lot in one minute, can I do a dirt road or a grass field or a pond of water? Asphalt? Concrete? Carpet? Bark? The mind boggles.


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