The Centipedes


Well, not quite that. But this post was occasioned by a family party on Mother’s Day and the gathering of a number of the females of the family on a berber carpet.


Normally I do not look at feet – my own or other people’s. I am glad I have mine and assume that other people are similarly grateful for theirs. I am also fortunate to own shoes and know how to put them on, and wish all the best to others do so too. In summer I frequently go barefoot, but as time advances and veins pop out, it is probably not a good idea to look at my feet unless you are a cartographer…


But back to the foot coverings of the tribe. I am used to the running shoes and trainers of the day – they appear so ubiquitously on all classes, sexes, and sizes that they really excite no notice. Occasionally one sees a really startling colour or a child’s pair is fitted with  piezo-electric generators and LED lights, but past that it is all Pumanikeasics to me. I don’t own a pair as I find them uncomfortable.


Likewise I do not own a pair of leather pumps – though I believe they are common as court shoes or for ballroom dancing. I do not know if the men’s version of these slips on un laced but if they do I’ll bet they slip off just as fast. One fast turn of the pasa doble and you’d be scattering footwear into the crowd.


Now I was actually envious of the moccasins. Though they never did much for me as a kid playing Cowboys and Indians or later trying to be a Mountain Man with the muzzle loaders, I can see that for home comfort on carpet and in a cold climate, these would be good news. Perhaps when my pair of $ 7 Chinese ugg boots flies apart yet again I will shift to a pair of these.


And finally comes the footwear that fascinated me in the first place. Clapped on the end of two of the younger members of the lunch party – a niece and a great niece – these shoes seem to bear a strong resemblance to the ones I used to buy at Wellington Surplus for work boots. Leading to the speculation that either women’s fashions are getting uglier or builder’s labourers are getting prettier…


Bet the price they paid in their shoe shop could have bought a whole rack of boots at Wellington Surplus.



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