Techno Bogan


Combine these three ingredients:

The world’s largest cargo plane

People with nothing to do on Sunday morning

An airport administration that thinks it knows what to do to get publicity.

Stir the pot and pour it out on the tarmac. There you have the arrival in Perth of the Antonov AN 225 cargo aircraft – largest in the world.


The traffic queue is enormous. People who have a legitimate need to get to the airport will be trapped at the back of the roadway. Some of them will be forced to make a run for it. And this will continue for HOURS.


The crowds at the viewing site will wait for 2-3 hours because the plane is delayed at the last stopover.


The wind will shift and the plane will be arriving where the crowd cannot see it.


But all will be be well, because the Ukrainian crew are smart and kind enough to do a victory lap of the taxiway to let people see the plane. They stick a flag out the cockpit window to wave hello.


The car parks will be so full that you might as well sit in a deckchair in the sun before trying to take the way home – you’ll be there for another hour and a half. Might as well watch the take-offs. Off to Singapore…



And it was still a fun thing to do.


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