At Least Don’t Bomb the Plastic Airplane Factory


A plea to the US Navy.

Fart about as much as you like with the Chinese on the sand island they dredged up in the South China Sea. Sail by, make rude gestures, do ELINT…anything you like. But please do not Tomahawk the Chinese factory inland that is going to produce 1:32 scale B-17 kits until there are enough of them out on the market to supply Australia*. I want one of those kits.

Actually, you can probably cool it until the next typhoon goes through and then you can pick up the troops stationed there with a scoop net and deposit them back in Hong Kong. They’ll be soggy, but grateful. Remember 1945.

  • Well then you can, but is it actually worth it? Where are we going to get flat-pack furniture from IKEA then, eh?

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