Anti EU Meme Appears in Bowl Of Spaghetti – Parliament Recalled


British security forces were moved into positions around Buckingham Palace, The Tower Of London, and Harrods today as news of the appearance of an anti-EU meme in a bowl of spaghetti in Leeds spread throughout the nation. RAF Stations Waldemsley and Thackpoole were placed on 4-minute alert and all leaves were cancelled as the Home Office braced for the backlash. The Prime Minister has issued a statement.

” Never in the history of this great nation have we been confronted with so clear a decision, so vital a threat, so great an opportunity to seize the moment and go forth into the broad sunny uplands of prosperity. This message in the soup will inspire generations of Britons to sacrifice themselves for their greater good. I am truly humbled. ”

No word yet has emerged from the Command Centre under No. 10 as to the significant of the croutons. Many have blamed Donald Trump. The Federation of British Muslim Pasta Eaters has called for the immediate ban on further zionist incursions into Bournemouth while the Chief Rabbi of Polperro could not be reached.

The spaghetti is not expected to affect the annual Spaulding Parade of Flowers. Tickets are still available at all Metrotix agencies and online.

Note: Neither Mr Trump nor the Australian Leader Of Lots Of Opposition, Mr. Bill Shorten, could be contacted for comment, though their party officials did offer Parmesan.


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