Wow! Look At What These 20 Celebrities Have Deteriorated Into Now!


Must. Not. Click. The. Picture…Arrrrgh…


We’ve all been baited into that one at some time or another – pictures of 20 people we loved in the past who have grown older, fatter, and more disoriented in the last couple of decades. If we succumb to curiosity we run the risk of losing all our memories of them in their great days. No-one who remembers ” Spartacus “should presume to see Kirk Douglas in his 90’s. Have some respect.


Well, I couldn’t help feeling the same way in Melbourne this year when this car appeared in the forecourt. It has style, it has presence, and it has colour, but as a person who remembers 1956 Buicks in 1956, this is a sad sight.


Okay, rat is a style. Patina is a style. 50 retro is a style. I get style. But I also get how close you can come to custom or cruiser and still have respect for the original.


I like the lowering – Buicks of the time had the wickedest real wheel arch and trim ever. I like the wide whites – this is also period-perfect. I like the spinner caps as they were also a trick of the times. I like the retention of stock colour…but the highlighting of rust pon panels and pits on chrome is like looking at Gloria Swanson in ” Sunset Strip “. You just know it will end badly.


Well, look at the windows. And then look away. Ask yourself how and then why. If you cannot get an answer from yourself you will know the quandary I am in. If they are a sad accident it is one thing, but if they are an artistic statement, I am not sure I want to hear it. Again, as with Kirk Douglas…have some respect.


Okay, the criticisms aside, it is good to see that the old B has survived this long. A Stradivarius it ain’t but if it got as far as the Exhibition Buildings in 2016, it could still be restored to a former glory.

It’s not ready for its close-up yet, Mr. De Mille.

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