The Best $ 32 Value In Town


No, you can’t buy this ’32 Ford hot rod for $ 32. It costs more than that*. But you can rent an entire building full of them, plus this one, plus  a sausage in a bun for $ 32. If you are up for fun, go to the Victorian Hot Rod Show in Melbourne every summer around Australia Day. You will not be disappointed.

I am not paid to shill for them. The VHRA take my $ 25 dollars at the door on the Saturday morning and the BBQ stall takes the extra $ 7 and I am free to enjoy myself all day until my legs give out.

The next day I get to come back and do it all again…except in only costs the sausage in a bun price. I have seen the inside show and the outside show is for free. And get this…the outside show changes every two hours all day long as new rodeos arrive and park and the older ones drive off home after their big day out.

Of course, Melbourne being Melbourne, they have never bothered to get modern weather – they still use the stuff from the Victorian era and it is notoriously unstable – but if you bring an umbrella, a parka, a solar topee and a bikini you should be right. They will all get used at least once a day.


The ’32 Ford is a modern rod, and lovely for it. But the builder has decided to blend in some of the best mechanical ideas with the traditional look. See the front end? The polished drop axle with the detail paint inside? Note the disc brakes and the extremely well-finished cycle fenders and supports. This is good detail to see and it shows that style can extend to the smallest part on the car.


But what of the rear end. No straight axle on the quick change, but an independent suspension. Same careful detail of fenders, though.


You can also see the attention to detail in the engine bay. Far too much power for any one person to drive, but then a car this nice will not be thrashed anyway. It might eventual succumb to being polished to death but that is a hazard of the hot rod business when you have a nice paint job.


Interior has the obligatory skull and skeletons, and the door panels are flamed, but the rest is all stylish.


And we get to see it all for free. Rainy morning so the windows were up , but the new Photoshop Elements 14 package in the computer has removed most of the mist from the external scene. Wish there was a way of controlling Melbourne weather with the computer…

  • Car like this’ll set you back over $ 100. No, really it will. True.

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