Can We Blame Trump For This One?


Or Obama, for that matter? Or Bush? Or Menzies? or The Margrave of Brandenburg?

Briefly, a sparkplug disintegrated on my wife’s  car this week, ground itself through the cylinder and out the valves, and rendered her Toyota hors de combat.

Hors indeed. Hors big time. It is a 16 yet-old car and had some problems up until this point, but nothing too severe. Unfortunately, now the mangled cylinder and head means that $ 7000 needs to be spent to return it to the road, and frankly, if it is paid out, the car will not be worth that on the road. In one fell swoop the car is junk and an albatross around our necks.

Equally unfortunate is the fact that no-one is readily available to attach blame or extract recompose from – hence my speculations at the start of this post. I don’t really believe Mr Trump or Mr Obama or Mr Bush are responsible for the spark plug fracturing – though if the American news media get busy they may be able to get 5 minutes on air with it. The Margrave of Brandenburg is dead and not answering solicitor’s letters and Mr. Menzies frightened me. I guess we are going to have to stump up for another car.

Motto? Replace your plugs every 6 months. Also replace your  Presidents every four years and your Margraves every generation. No good trying to fish a fractured Margrave out of a Toyota – it never ends well.

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