50¢ A Week


Every week I am going to give 50¢ to a worthy charity. This is not going to be cheap saintliness – this is going to be revenge. I am going to do it in defiance of my local chemist*, now that I have discovered what they are up to.

Don’t get me wrong – I am grateful that they are there, and I realise that the shop space they occupy in the local centre is an expensive proposition. And I must say they are efficient, well-stocked, and convenient. The pharmacists and the assistants are pleasant people and have always been polite and helpful. But I have discovered that they operate to a formula that is not covered in the pharmacopoeia…

I use mini aspirin – 100 milligram tablets of acetyl salicylic acid as an aid to blood flow after my heart operation. It is the only medication that I take regularly. A simple chemical, and I suppose reasonably beneficial. I ran out of the tablets the other day and went to the chemist to get more.

When I asked for them, the girl enquired which brand I used. I mentioned several – Cardia, Mayne Pharma, and another one. She came up with a box of the Cardia and said that they were on special…$ 18 for 168 tablets. Fortunately I had the presence of mind to enquire about the price of the others…$ 4 for 118 tablets. She was not at all taken aback by my enquiry and I was not at all hesitant about taking two boxes of the cheaper aspirin.

10.7¢ per tablet vs 3.3¢ per tablet…and aspirin is aspirin. The saving each week is 50¢.

So every week I will pop 50¢ into the Sally tin rather than into the cash register of the chemist. And I will darn well look at the price tags of everything else in the place whenever I go there…

  • Chemist in Australia = drugstore in North America. Minus the soda fountain and magazine rack.

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