The Digital Castle

No-one can read a Kafka novel and not feel bad. The Castle and The Trial were classic examples of the nightmare of bureaucracy and regulation…and I am currently seeing the 21st century equivalent. I am attempting to restart a computer and add programs.

The hard drive died. That was expected. An efficient repair shop took out the old one and installed a new one, and added a new operating system…an upgrade by several steps to the previous one.

I am trying to add to old programs that disappeared. Many are on old CD’s and have gone in well – I see old friends on the desktop. A couple have been barred off as the screen says they are no longer supported. This is going to prove a difficulty as the equipment they operate is crucial to my business. I daresay there will be some complex series of commands that will correct this, but at the end of the day, there is no-one to do these commands. Another day…

But the business of trying to activate a simple program from the Adobe company is a Kafkaesque nightmare. It repeatedly sends me to another window to register yet another password and then finally sits out at the end saying that it cannot be installed as something is not trusted. I’m afraid 9:00 tomorrow morning in the camera shop will be fraught for the IT chap as I compel him to either complete the installation or give me my money back. I don’t want the latter – the Adobe company’s software is fine for my purpose, but I am getting to the point where I cannot stand the steeplechase of searching and permissions required to do the task.



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