My Warmest Regards…


To Canada and the United States, and Russia and Sweden and everyone else who is foolish enough to locate their country north of the equator. I have just been looking at your life from the perspective of a model builder.

Specifically, someone who is building a model of a 1960’s mobile home from Canada. I’m using Google pictures and references to look at the equipment and structures, and I can’t help but feel sadness and sympathy for you in your winter.

We have one here in Australia and New Zealand. and there are even places where it snows for a few months. The mad are confined there at enormous expense and compelled to slide down hills on pieces of fibreglass. The odd thing is that they commit themselves and pay inordinate sums to be cold and get injured.

You people in CAN, USA and RUS don’t seem to have a choice – when winter comes and you are still there ( as opposed to the ducks and geese who have the good sense to leave ) you have to spend inordinate sums to stay warm and to see food that is not frozen. It looks from the photos on Google as if you have to have propane heaters, oil heaters, wood stoves, and such to survive. This is fine for the modeller who can duplicate it in plastic and wire but it must be expensive as hell for you.

We have it easier – winter is cold and rainy and we spend money on gas, wood, and electricity to keep warmer, but we do not need to spend as hard to do it – frequently a wooly sweater will do the trick. Few of us ever have snow chains on our tyres or have to shovel anything at all.

Have you thought of flooding into North Africa and and leaving the frozen wastes of Europe and America to the displaced millions? They all want to go there, so let them. A few winters in Regina or Urkutsk would sort it all out and by then you can have the resorts in Palmyra and Tripoli cleaned out and running well.


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