Piece For Piano And 38 Hands

Studio Card_edited-3

Do you ever wonder at the history of the committee? At the tradition that a dozen people can think an idea a dozen times better than one person? A comfort to the members of the local soviet or city council, no doubt, but a hindrance when you are the one with the idea.

I have always found it a little daunting to consider the power that the local council exercises in my life. Of course that might be said about state and federal government, but their pronouncements are generally better suited to real life.

Give you a case in point – and here I’m happy to say that I am in no present dispute at all with any of the three councils that directly affect me  – the case of the sign. My Little Studio used to be known as the Hazel Leaf Studio and I wanted to put a sign out on the eaves of the house to let people know where it was. Not to tout for business – to identify the place when sitters came looking for it.

Think you can put a wooden sign unbidden upon the verge of your lawn? Think again. Try it and the Council Ranger will report you to the Mayor and you’ll get a nasty note about it. Then you’ll have to apply in duplicate with a scale drawing of your house and land and beg for permission to attach a sign to the side of the house. Not too big a sign, and not too garish, and definitely not with a neon figure of a striptease dancer that blinks on and off.

To be fair, they eventually agreed to a demountable sign from the eaves with the name on it…but I have not bothered to tell them that the studio name is changed…and I’ll bet there will be a note one day from the Mayor expressing outrage. I’m almost tempted to the neon strippers but as I take the sign in at night, there is little point.


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