A Serious Lack Of Happy, Jan…


I had a good time last Sunday at the collectors car show. I would have had an equally good time at the nostalgia drag races. I never got a chance to make a choice, however, as I just got the notification for the drag races on the following Tuesday. The advertisement was placed in a local hot rod and street car magazine that I subscribed to.

I presume the organisers of the drag race day – one of the best of the year – gave their advertisement in to the magazine’s advertising sales director quite some time ago. They would have wanted as many enthusiast visitors as possible, and the very visitors they cater to would have been the prime readers of the magazine…

As there was no general announcement of this event – at least none that popped up on my computer – it looks as though there was either a serious loss of value in that advertisement or a serious loss of ability to supply the magazines on time.

Well, there is always 2017, and it looks as though every enthusiast will have to make their own investigations for coming events. There does not seem to be a coordinated event calendar. It’s not isolated to the car sports – it also exists in any number of other enthusiast hobbies. The shows keep saying that they want the public but fail to tell the public in time – one of my mates recalled a national aerobatics championship that had about three viewers because no-one knew they were on.

Take a hint from the stage musicals, guys…advertise. There are backs of buses all over town.

Addendum and Addendumber: Apparently the Nostalgia Drags were cancelled due to rain, and will be run later in the year. What’sa betting the advertising for that will be late as well.

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