Did you ever have one of those ” Creatures Of Walmart ” memes pop up on your Facebook feed? Or have one arrive in an email? I’ve had dozens of them, and done my share of laughing and clucking my tongue at the people depicted – the oddly-dressed, overweight, over-made-up people who are checking through a trolley of groceries or discount goods and have been caught on someone’s smartphone camera.

And I should be ashamed of myself for it. I owe those people an apology for my attitude, because my attitude was reprehensible. Please forgive me.

The people depicted were imposed upon by the smartphone user. They were there in a legitimate retail outlet for a lawful purpose. The retailer – Walmart – had no problem with them, and apparently had the goods that they wish to buy. It would seem that the only fly in the ointment was the smartphone pest who had to feel superior by being slimmer or duller in appearance than his victims. I am sorry I fell for the temptation to join him.

The realisation of this has been borne upon me by looking at my own appearance today. Sandals, jeans, old short sleeve shirt, and a Akubra. My mission was to go out and get a gas bottle and refill from BCF. It was successful, and I don’t think anyone took any sly snaps of me, but am I all that good looking? No, I am not. And it points out that I have no right to criticise the appearance of others, even by remote control.

So – no more Walmartians, please folks. People may live their lives in whatever body they have and clothe it as they wish. As long as they do not stand on my toe ( in sandals ) or open their door onto the side of my Suzuki in the car park. I wish them well. Peace and respect.


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