Ripping Off The Mask…


…ing tape. And discovering that it has adversely affected the painted surface underneath it. The surface that it was stuck on to protect…GENERAL QUARTERS ALL HANDS ON DECK MAN YOUR BATTLE STATIONS AOOGAH AOOGAH…

This is  – One Of Those Discoveries – that all model makers and miniaturists make at some stage of the game. Fortunately it is at a point that can be corrected.

The masking tape in question was Tamiya tape and the paint was British Paints quick dry spray enamel. It had been left to dry for a day before the Tamiya tape went on it but a day later the lifting of the tape revealed that it had taken all the gloss off the enamel in the area it touched.

I have remasked in reverse with a very cheap Paint Partner masking tape from Bunnings as it does not have the same sort of adhesive power as the Tamiya, and re-sprayed the affected section. To be safe, after the 30 minute touch dry period for the respray, I am going to peel off the new mask before it has time to dig into the enamel.

As usual, it is not what you do before you get in trouble, it is what you do afterwards, that determines your character. I call it the HIRYU/HANCOCK Principle. Look ’em up and see what I mean.

If you get an anguished blog post in a half hour you’ll know we are still sinking. I’m still not gonna be contemplating the moon, however…


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