A Visit To The Ex


I made a visit yesterday to my Ex after 9 years. I was a little worried as I walked to the door – there had been changes in the place – the entrance was locked but there was a green safety button that you press to get buzzed in. As soon as I stepped inside I was struck by how deserted the place was…

The old premises we shared has long since fallen into disrepair – the chap who stepped into my shoes had departed in a couple of years. And no-one took his place. The rooms are deserted and they even had to board up a front window that someone broke. I’ve seen it and it is sad. The only consolation id that the greedy landlady has lost money for years on it.

But back to the visit to the Ex. Nice furniture. Mostly in white. Cool reception. Somewhat suspicious, but gradually relaxed when I explained what I was there for. I had to strain my memory for old names but gradually we sorted it out. And I found out one thing…that I never ever want to go back to the dental profession again. Stepping away from it when I did was the right thing to do, and I have no desire for the drama, worry, and expense of it now.

That’s what a trip to the dental supply warehouse can do to you. Nothing is priced under $50.00 and the next step up the financial ladder is $ 5000.00. And the designers of the chairs and instrument delivery systems STILL make headrests that don’t work!

For the curious – I was not there at the warehouse to woo my Ex-Profession. I went to buy some red wax and a wax knife to make model toilets with.

As one does…


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