The Board Of Sad

DSCF0448BI put my car in for service at the agency that sold it to me – they continue a warranty for another 5 years on the cigar cutter and the drink holder that way. I looked at the dull offerings in the lot – grey, black, white, and silver. Ick.

There was a board set up in the showroom with the different models the company sells and a small plastic representation of each colour. They make about 5 models, and the only one that had a decent variety of hues was the smallest – the Alto K-car made in India. It even had a bright pink and a bright blue version, which is not surprising for India. Good on them.

All the other ranges, including the model I drive are down to the Sad Four plus the occasional red or blue. The yellow model is a sports version and they sock you an extra $ 5000 for it – and it garners higher insurance and registration fees.

I am hoping that the pendulum swings, the world turns, that the chickens come home to roost, and the colour-blind executives of Suzuki are all replaced with happier people in the next 5 years. I am due to change my car then and I’d like one that looks pretty. I’ll take pink if purple or orange is not available.

Best bets for colourful cars right now? Tiny Mazdas and hot rods.


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