Can Do


With a tip of a respectful hat to the US Navy Sea Bees…who had this motto long before I did and could do far more than I will ever be able to do…

Here’s the new motto of Dick Stein’s Little Studio. It was a great idea for the CB’s and it is a great idea for us all. I’m going to make bumper stickers of it and emblazon it on my correspondence. If I can get them to hold still, I am going to stencil it onto my correspondents…But I’m more than happy if all the movers, shakers, and makers out there adopt it. Free to good homes…

It would make a wonderful design for an enamelled lapel badge that you can wear reversed on your suit coat or jacket. Then when you meet another person who is also able to think, draw, design, weld, saw, solder, cook, dig, paint hammer, saw, or build, you flash the secret sign of recognition. And exchange plans for tents and iron foundries and gliders and wool socks. It’ll be a connector for the network of people who actually can and actually do.

The consumers and the drones and the moneychangers will not recognise the badge – they have no point of reference for it –  you’ll be safe. And you can get back to operating the levers and control wheels of the real world.

In case you are wondering about the graphic – the colour is derived from the most basic of design elements – the yellow legal pad. The orange tick of approval is to show you are succeeding. And the motto says it all. No politics, no religion, no gender issues. Just ability.



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