Frank Quails


Frankly, My Dear,…

Don’t ask me why these are called that. I know them from the cuisine of my youth and they are easy enough to make. Apparently they are called ” Berncastellers” by the Europeans but you need not take that as anything – they call jelly doughnuts ” Bismarcks “. And what a plate of fish and chips might become on a French menu is horrifying to contemplate. They would probably rename sushi if they thought they could get away with it.

These start with plain old hot dogs – American or German style for preference – that are slit, cheese-stuffed, wrapped in bacon, and baked or grilled. Some chutney dobbed on them is a pleasant touch. You serve them with potatoes and green beans. They are, of course, too much food for anyone to consume but are nevertheless tasty. You don’t eat the toothpicks that hold them together in the oven*.


Unless you are European. Then you have a ” Toothpick Ceremony ” and swallow them as a matter of national pride.

  • I used skewers because we ran out of toothpicks. Good idea – I’ll do it in future.

Note: Someone asked whether these make good left-overs. I could not say – I’ve been making this dish for decades and there have never been any leftovers…



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