Rainy Day Lovers


I am never discouraged by accounts of torrential rains during holidays and vacations – I have endured solid drizzle at Taminick under canvas in a wool tunic and know that you can survive pretty much anything if you are determined to have fun. Or at least as long as the OP rum holds out.


Melbourne on Hot Rod Show day is not the time I would pick for leaden skies and rain, however. I admire the Victorian meteorological Bureau when they arrange for a mild overcast as it helps with the photography, and lower city temperatures are always welcome…but rain on open cars is sad, especially if it would tend to keep visiting cars away from the Carlton Gardens. The rods parked outside the Exhibition Buildings is the best value car show in Australia.


Well, you carry an umbrella and you brave the weather and you know that as it is Melbourne you will be baked dry later in the day – either that or you will have a plague of locusts and lice. ( I think Melbourne may have a lot of sin for which it needs to atone…).



Here’s the early crowd at the gardens. All safe, except for the open ’32. I admire the kindliness of the owner of this car in keeping it open for the crowd to see into the interior- it was an act of self-sacrifice. Someone drove home in the squelchy blankets just to give us a show and for that they deserve our gratitude.


Looking at the ’32’s in front of the building, it really reminds you of a flower bed in bloom, doesn’t it. So much better than a modern car park of grey grimness. Having said that, admire the Chevy sedan as having the sort of body shape that can wear a grey two-tone. Betcha it was fogged up in there, though.



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