$600 Worth?

NKERA number of my friends are contemptuous of personalised licence plates for cars here in Western Australia. They’ve written that anyone who has one is merely identifying themselves as a wally. This is one point of view, sure, but I think it might be a tad harsh. A customised plate can be a lot of fun.

Now, I would agree with the sentiment in the case of the plates that are made up to look like European plates. Long thin things in white with the numbers and letters in weird places. The only reason I can see to go for them would be if the Fandazzo XXK8900LS ” Motzarrella ” car has a specially styled licence plate recess that could not take any other shape. But I fear most of the Fandazzo cars could also be equipped with a regular WA plate and the reason that the long one is selected is so that the owner can pretend to be European nobility. Guys, if you come from Winthrop or Leeming and the closest you’ve ever gotten to Europe is Singapore, it is just wank. We ain’t gonna believe it. We’d believe an 888 plate, though…

I’m happy with plates that have a commercial message as this is a clever form of advertising. A local baking company has a brand of cracker called a Sao Biscuit and for years their vans have run around with SAO 1, SAO 2, etc. The trucks are painted like biscuit tins as well. It’s cute and it sells biscuits.

My daughter has a personal plate that will follow her when she changes cars – soon, I hope. BINKY. Theres a sad and humorous tale with it but that is her story – suffice it to say that is her nickname amongst friends and the car has been BINKY ever since it was bought.

But. But. But what do you say when you look at a plate that is just, well…The large grey sedan in the car park with GLAMRUS on it. The immaculate red BMW coupe being driven very well on the highway with the plate saying MEATBALL1. The aggressive NFORCER plate. And the plate that makes no sense at all – the combination of letters and numbers intended to make a well-known kewl buzz phrase that you can’t figure out. Say it in as many combinations as you like, nothing ensues.

I suppose I should not grumble. The plates cost from $ 450 to over $ 650 and there are other administrative fees that add onto it. It is pure gravy for the department of motor vehicles and less trouble to maintain than another speed camera. And a plated vehicle might be better cared for than others. Oh, wait. Scratch that…

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