GOP ShitI note from a Facebook sidebar story today that Swedes are said to favour one possible American candidate – Bernie Sanders – over another possible American candidate – Donald Trump. All the while holding no legal right to vote in the US election at all.

I would be interested to see if Swedish citizens would welcome American comments about their political candidates – or about their hereditary ruler and cotery of aristocrats. I’ll bet they would be livid if someone from Des Moines said that they would prefer it if Stockholm were to throw the royal family out. Even if they thought so too, but were afraid to say it out loud for fear of the local secret police…

Suitably sophomoric Germans have made a large model of a bottom and played with the fact that the name Trump contains the word “rump”. Interestingly asinine behaviour from a country whose leader ‘s name – Merckel – comes close to merkin….

Here in Australia we also have the low and powerless acting high and mighty over a future US election. Everyone has an opinion, and nowadays a Twitter, Facebook, and Pay Attention To Me Now account. They can bray and prate freely and gain the plaudits of their friends. None of it has any power to do good or ill, and I would suggest that it has no point either. No-one who cannot go into a polling station in the USA in November has a valid voice one way on other – all they do is posture.

If our local people want to effect political change…or for that matter prevent it…they need to address local politics. The Swedes are the same – they can decide what goes from Denmark to the Arctic circle and be as socialistic or fascistic or narcissistic as they please, and all the rest of the world can demand from them is flat-pack furniture, overblown cars, and porn. It’s what they’re good at and they should stick to it.

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