Bringing The Hot Rod Paintjob Up To Date


This column has long decried the modern practice of painting motor cars , grey, silver, graphite, grey, gunmetal, grey, gray, smoke, grey, and deep mist…all mere variations of grey. They are dull, common, and unimaginative. They are hard to see in broad daylight and worse at night. They are nearly invisible in twilight or rain.

But what does this writer know? Perhaps there is a real and urgent reason that $ 52,000 of steel and plastic must be made to look drab.

The hot rod and custom car builders on the whole do not agree with the motor trade. They take the opportunity of the long build on their cars ( as opposed to the short purchase…)  to decide on brighter colour schemes. Oh. there are some who still favour black and white, but even here there are added touches that distinguish these paint schemes.

Hot rodding and custom car building also provides a wonderful tradition of decoration on the cars – flames, scallops, stripes, and even explicit graphics make the cars look good.

But what do the hot rodders know? Perhaps they are just behind the times…perhaps they should be buying the pots of grey paint and knuckling under to the fashion. To see what it would all look like, I have opened up a can of Photoshop and repainted some of the cars…


Victorian Hot Rod 2015 384

Victorian Hot Rod 2015 384 copyA


BA2014 180

BA2014 180 copyA

You can decide for yourself if the modern industry standard is correct. I’m still the guy driving the bright metallic green Suzuki Swift whatever they say…


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