Post Commercial Stress Disorder


We are fortunate in Australia that we were given a day after the New Year’s Eve celebrations to cool down, sober up, pull our underwear back on, and go home. Home to the rest of the year, mind, but still home to something. If we were wise, we woke up with no internal headache – if we were not, the pains may have been both external and internal.  There were police officers poking away at electronic charge sheets and incident reports and the results of those continued those headaches for a long time into January…

It was much the same in the commercial houses – the pre-Christmas sales had finished…and all the excess stock that did not sell was shifted to the post-Christmas sales. Those finished and either the managers needed to insert a starting handle into the appropriate hole in the staff and crank up a post-new year’s sale or resign themselves to storing the stuff until next year. Well here goes for next year…

Countries that have their own odd holidays not shared with others – Bank Holiday, ANZAC Day, President’s Day, etc. have an opportunity to ramp up the hype and tip out the contents of the shelves for their own consumers. This used to be local – now with internet trading the bargains can be snapped up all over the world. Of course, as soon as they cross a national boundary there are no bargains – all winnings are scooped up by the transport companies. The only advantage to the overseas buyer is access to something that the local importers thought was too dodgy to touch.

The only real winners in the commercial game are the monks and nuns. Whether they are Christian, Buddhist or whatever, they generally turn out to be pretty ascetic. They don’t eat much, wear much, or drink much. Few of them carry the latest electronics – fewer still drive sports cars. They don’t really care about Star Wars. They can walk through Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, Eid, Kwanzaa, and nearly anything else without twitching. If we could emulate them we might be able to avoid a few of the scars ourselves.

Except butter tarts. If there are Canadian butter tarts all asceticism is off. Diefenbaker was right.


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