Hello. Mechanical Spectator Here Again…


And this time he looking at a car with somewhat of a jaundiced eye. Perhaps this is a mistake, but then so many good things in life are…

This is a Chrysler 50 car. 1927 to be exact, and in good running order. You’ll see from the photos taken at the Labour day car show that it has a good set of tyres, top, and all the accessories that would make for successful touring. Indeed it toured to the park for the day – this is no trailer queen. Note the regular Western Australian licence plate – that is an endorsement of the good condition of the vehicle and somewhat jealously guarded.


The interior is plain – plainer than I would have expected for a Chrysler. But then this tourer may have been made to a price for a middle-class market. It is still a larger proposition than many Ford or GM products. Note the economical number of gauges and control knobs – one would master the dashboard pretty quickly. A little inconvenient that the speedometer/odometer is located on the LHS of the dash, as it would have been in North America but then that contributed to what may have been an easier conversion process for Empire roads. Well upholstered.


I wrote about a jaundiced eye…well, I guess it is really about the colour combination. I do love blue and white on a car but generally on a model later than this one. Here it reminds me of an unmarked taxicab or the sort of paint job that the 1:18 model companies put on their cars when sales flag. Apart from this, full marks to the owner for the level of care.

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