Dr. Teeth And The Chevrolet Mayhem


Those of you who were fans of the Muppet Show will get the reference – the rest of you can just look at the pictures of the 1952 Chevrolet in the parking lot.

The occasion was an impromptu Saturday night car meeting at the BP Baldivis petrol station just a little way south of Perth. There aren’t many service stations on the freeway to Mandurah so they took the chance to make a great big parking lot for the trucks going to Bunbury. When it isn’t occupied by road trains or trailer rigs it makes a perfect venue for a dusk show. The great thing is that there is a full service facility, café, and food court right there – comfort as well as space. No wonder the crowd that drove up was in a good mood.

Good for me too – I live just 10 Km away from it on the freeway – getting to it was a breeze.

There were few pure 50’s cars there last Saturday night, but this Chevy made up in quality what the others who didn’t show lacked. This is one smooth ride and it has a balanced custom feel to it without going overboard.

The heading shot gives you an idea of the calm light conditions just at dusk – the Fujifilm camera is doing its own light monitoring and WB setting but there is a flash added for small sparkle. Still soft shadows, though.


As you can see there is not a great deal of major body work on the ’52. Side chrome spears off, but characteristic GM mudguard cleaned and re-chromed. The choice of main body colour is definitely GM-themed but the side graphics are reminiscent of the 1990’s trends.


Note the car runs on a standard WA rego plate and from the looks of the wheel and tyre patterns chosen would make a pretty solid daily runner if desired – as well as a recreation vehicle.


Small details on the rear: the gold-coloured tail-light casting ( How do they do that? I must conduct some research…any readers who can tell me what they do to make them gold? ) and the discrete addition of a rather powerful LED reversing light. Smart move that, as the body of this Chevy is large and you may not be able to see a lot out of the windows when reversing. You need all the help you can get as you get older – I find that the reversing light on my little Suzuki Swift is about half as big and half as bright as I need. Perhaps take a leaf out of this builder’s book and put a couple more discrete supplementary lamps at the back of the Suzi…?



I always worry about the rear-window stickers. Some are too rude to publish. This one is quite nice.


The interior looks to be very clean and stock at present. Not sure about the colours but they suggest something of the original finish. I am pleased to see that the original column shift is retained and is there in all its mechanical glory. Let’s face it – it is exactly what it is and is exactly the right minimalist shape for its function. Lots of column shifts got weird in the 60’s with housings, automatics. strange crank angles on the lever, etc, but this one is exactly right.


Now for the Dr. Teeth business. Go-on. Google the Muppet show. Now look at the front grille of the Chevy. That isn’t an accident – that is a sense of humour. As Fozzie Bear would say….Wukka Wukka…






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