Thank You, Captain Sparrow

JackRemember that scene in ” Pirates Of The Caribbean ” when Captain Jack Sparrow is escaping from a sinking ship by sailing off on a sinking boat? He climbs up higher and higher on the hull, mast, and eventually the rigging, as the thing slowly sails forward. All the time it is settling deeper in the water. At the extremely very last moment he steps forward…onto a dry wharf…and keeps right on walking.

I had an experience in 2007 that was exactly like this, in the loss of one career and the commencement of another. Similarly in 2015 with retirement – one ship sunk and another ready to sail away to new adventures.

Well, today on Facebook a friend let out a great cry of anguish that her fridge had died and all the frozen goods were going to be lost. Other friends rallied around to take the stuff and store it before it was defrosted.

And tonight I just realised that we are scheduled to get a new freezer for our house tomorrow…so I rang her up and arranged for her to collect our old one on Thursday. We were in desperate straits about where we could dispose of it, and now our problem is solved. She is a lady with access to big utes and trailers and husky lifters. With a bit of fast footwork it can go out of our front door frozen and still be cold when it gets to her place. She has saved our hide!

The Jack Sparrow Principle is still at work!


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