A Bag Of Oranges


In 1973 I needed a car and went into the local Toyota agency to get a Corolla. It was a good decision on my part – the car ran reliably for 13 years and cost very little to maintain. The thing I regret about it was the colour choice. I bought a red one with black interior …I could have had an orange one with brown interior. If I had, I probably would still own it – suitably hot rodded.



Orange was an option in the 70’s. Now it is generally not – unless you are a person who makes deliberate choices and goes your own sweet way. Like these car enthusiasts. Let’s face it…right now no-one drives an orange car accidentally. They might crash it every now and then but the colour is absolutely deliberate.



Orange is loud, and hot, and special. Orange is awake. Orange is going to be seen, so the driver is either going to be driving very well or very badly. Orange is the colour of trucks transporting nitroglycerine and crabby people – something is bound to explode. Orange has the radio turned up loud. It might be Chuck Berry or it might be Chopin, but the music will be noticeable.



Orange is fun. If you can’t stand fun, don’t paint your car orange. If you are a lawyer or accountant or systems analyst you cannot buy an orange car – federal regulations.



Orange leads to the desire to eat greasy food late at night. Orange drives with shoes off. Orange tends to bop from side to side on the road when they play Bo Diddley records.



I think I’ll get me a big Orange…


2 thoughts on “A Bag Of Oranges

  1. Hang on Dick!! I’m an accountant, a chartered one in fact, and I own not 1 but 2 orange cars. None of this stereotypical nonsense in you blogs please. 🙂 I’m just aggrieved cus you didn’t include a pic of my car at Big Al’s yesterday. Great chatting with you yesterday too btw. 🙂


    1. Goodness. Was that wise? I mean, admitting to being a chartered accountant AND owning 2 orange cars? What if the Financial Board Of Dignified Behaviour hears about it? Take heart – I shall not give up your secret. Yes, it was a good show there, and the crowd were very well behaved. I was a bit puzzled when I saw what looked like some cars being turned away at the entry gate, but perhaps they had not registered or had just forgotten something at home.


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