Forbidden Ford


I’m not sure you should see this. It is forbidden. I may be getting you in trouble. If they come to take you away, don’t tell them it was me…

It may look like a 1954 Ford F100 pickup truck on display at the 2016 Big Al’s Poker Run on Saturday the 13th of February at 9:00 but don’t tell anyone – I’m not allowed to take pictures of it. That is what the wife of the owner said.

There are only three pictures available. I’ve suppressed the licence plate number in case it breaches national security. If it does, I am a little surprised that they put it out on public display all day, but then there are a lot of things in the world that I puzzle about.

At least the lady did not forbid me to take pictures of the other hot rods and custom cars on display so the rest of the day went well. Big Al’s is one of the premier open display events in Australia and for a charity contribution of $ 5…and another $ 5 to get a hot dog and Coke at the Big Al’s sausage sizzle tent…it is one of the nicest days out you could imagine.

But why not take pictures of this one? Couldn’t have been stolen…the owners did not look like the kind of people who would steal hot rod pickups. And it was so nicely finished that you’d think any builder would be proud of it…

Gosh, you don’t suppose that it is really a Chevrolet with a fibreglass Ford body over the top, do you? Oh My Goodness…





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