Would You Like A New Obscenity?


Of course you would – we can never have enough of the fun little things. Right from the first time that we learned to say ” poo” we have treasured bad words.

Oh, they get us into trouble occasionally – we learned that at about 9 years old when we tried out a new word we had learned from the older kids at school by saying it at the dinner table. Obscenities were like grenades. Once thrown they could not be called back and once the pin was out they were not our friends.

It has been a sad development, however, to discover that the really ripe ones of our youth have become the common language of the youth today – and have subsequently lost their power to shock. They still let us identify the impolite lower orders but then you can tell that from the state of their fingernails anyway. And it is a sad day indeed when the youth of your own family join the general crowd and throw them into conversation.

But I promised you a new obscenity, and I would be remiss if I did not provide it. It popped up in a Fussbook advertisement along the side of the news page. Brace yourselves…

” Food Fight ”

Yep. In a world of poverty and starvation. Fighting with food. Not about it, or for it, but using it for missile combat. No nourishment – no comfort – just waste.

Foodfight food fight fooooooodfight

‘Scuse me. I’m going to go wash my mouth out…


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