Steee-rike Twoooo…


I wrote about going to three car shows this week. Two occasions have passed and I can’t decide whther to dread the third one or not.

The Veteran car run that took place two days ago was actually pretty nice, if your idea of nice is sitting inside an oven with the gas turned on to 9. The suburb it was held in was inland and the only breeze that will blow there this week will have come from fire trucks rushing through it to put out someone’s blazing paddock.


Twenty of the brave old cars filled with 40 brave old souls apparently started out from Perth and headed for the hills. Some pegged out ( the cars…) but quite a few made it. I got smart – I photographed them as they arrived in case I was overcome by the heat. Bless them, they parked under the tres and stayd for 45 minutes before driving or trailering home again. I salute their stamina.


Tonight’s Monster Beach Party with all the hype was to be down at an Indian Ocean beach – lots of adverts for pre ’85 cars and transistor radios tuned to a special rock and roll station. It promised to be cool…so I motored down right on time.


Good thing I did. There is no better way to blow away the cobwebs after a hot day than driving aimlessly around a series of carparks, freight terminals, and beach apartments looking for Where It’s At. And finding Where It’s Not. I did see one chap driving a black ’32 roadster who was doing the same thing – at least there was one lost, frustrated, cynical kindred soul out there on the road. I can’t think when I have enjoyed a drive home again quite so much…

I still have faith in Big Al’s Poker Run. It has never disappointed in the 5 years I’ve seen it. There must be a pot of something at the end of this week’s rainbow…

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