The Hot Day Out


Well, I tried the veteran and vintage car rally – or rather the end-point of the the car run – this afternoon. It was every bit as hot as the Met department predicted and the place they finished was utterly devoid of wind. Fortunately there were a few shade trees about and the cars that made it were quickly parked underneath them.

These cars were 100 years old and more, and it is a tribute to their simple natures as well as the mechanical expertise of the owners that they function so well. Twenty of them arrived and apparently there would have been more had it not been for the heat. I suspect that the cars coped but the drivers did not want to face the hot road.

Veteran and Vintage people are mostly older – my age – and while they can cope with hot weather better than some young ones – having had more years to be come inured to it  – there comes a time when they realise that the amusement is not worth the distress.


I was rewarded with a close look at several old vehicular friends and three new ones. In particular I was delighted to be able to look underneath the Detroit Electric. This was courtesy of the waist level finder on the new Fujifilm X-T10 camera. Seriously, I will always angle for this feature in any new cameras I purchase in the future – it just makes car shooting so much easier.





The Detroit seems to have a big, if conventional, rear end differential and a clean drive shaft but the bit electric can motor is the star under there. I hope to chase this vehicle in future rallies to see into the battery and switch gear. The interior is as neat as a parlour, and this would have been a definite selling point when the car was marketed to women. I have a terrible feeling that if I drove it I would want one badly…


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