An Interesting Experiment This Week


I attend a number of car shows throughout the year – some formal like the VHRS or WA Rod Shows – some looser gatherings. Rarely do I have three events in one week but this coming week sees me at the end of a veteran and vintage run up in the hottest suburb in town , Tuesday evening sees me at the beach for a retro beach party, and next saturday sees the Big Al’s Poker Run in a large green park.

The part that I am interested in tomorrow is how the older cars will cope with the hot conditions – they predict 40ºç in town and up where the run finishes it will be 43º at least. Those old cars have pretty crude cooling and lubrication systems so it will be a real challenge to see if they are going to make it. Hell, it can’t be hotter than Gillam Drive – hell isn’t hotter than Gillam Drive.

The beach party is an entirely new idea for me. I normally hate beaches but like hot rods, and if there are going to be food trucks and someone with a big transistor rado it might be a good laid-back evening.

Big Al’s is the sort of open-air run that attracts good cars – cars that can actually drive rather than just trailer to a show and trailer home again. It also has the ancillary attractions…food, coffee, tee shirt sales, and strolling pinup girls…that make for a good 5 hours. The lighting can be iffy when the cars are parked under leafy trees but you take it as you find it and there is always new iron out there somewhere on the day.


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