Are There Stars Out Tonight?


They don’t care if it’s cloudy or bright

“Cause they only have bombs

For you…dear…

I don’t suppose that I know any more about the current war in Syria than anyone else in the street – and as our street contains an admixture of families from all over the world, we probably have as broadly-based an intellect as any – but I have noticed that there are a number of features of it that are unique.

120px-French-roundel.svg copy

a. It got the French Air Force out. Fuelled up, bombed up, and actually attacking something. You gotta be doing it wrong to get the French out and shooting.

120px-URSS-Russian_aviation_red_star.svg copy

b. The Russians are bombing people. Well, that’s what they have the Russian Air Force for, isn’t it? They haven’t bombed America or Israel or Afghanistan for the last 30 years and they might not be sure that the fuses are going to work ( News for you guys…not as good as you hoped, but not as bad as you feared.) but they finally have something to shoot at besides Malayan airliners. Bit crappy having to bomb for an Arab Hitler, but you can’t always dance with the pretty girl at the prom. Besides, the droppees are worse that the droppers. ( Further news, guys. This is a dance that has no pretty girls.)

120px-Roundel_of_the_USAF_(black_and_white).svg copy

c. The Americans are shooting up ground convoys. Well, good-oh. That’s what they make the A-10 for. Better doing it near Damascus than near Fulda. Russia take note. They can still do it near Fulda.


d. Yes, that’s us. Why? Refer to c. above. A question of depositing credit in the strategic bank. Let’s hope we never have to make a withdrawal. Who knows if they would pay?

120px-RAF_roundel.svg copy

e. Well, why not? I mean, why not? Might as well.

120px-IAF_roundel.svg copy

f. I am willing to be the IFF transponders in the aircraft of all the above air forces have circuits that understand Hebrew. I’ll bet they are turned on all the time. So far silence. From both sides.

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