The Residue In The Tin Of Paint


How many of my readers have ever painted a wooden chair green? Or red?  Went like this, didn’t it:

a. Go to store and buy tin of paint.

B. Come home and get chair out.

C. Get paintbrushes out.

D. Go to store and buy a new paintbrush. And a bottle of turpentine.

D. Come home and put chair on newspapers.

E. Coffee time. Read the newspaper.

F. Find a stick. Clean the stick. Stir the paint. Put stick down on something you wish to be ruined by paint.

G. Paint chair.

H. Find you have 1/4 of the paint tin left and look around vaguely for something upon which to use it.

I. Choose the wrong thing. Paint it. Run out of paint. Put brush down on something you wish to be ruined by paint.

J. Go to store and buy another tin.

K. Come home and discover brush has hardened up.

L. Go to store and buy another brush.

M. Come home and finish painting the wrong thing. Now you have another brush dirty and 1/2 of a tin of the same damn colour.

N. Clean second brush inadequately in turpentine after inadequately sealing the second paint tin. This will ensure that when you want to paint again you can start at A.

O. Discover paint stick, first brush, and what they have done.

Early in this list you could have thrown out the paint, brushes, and turpentine and then sat on the unpainted chair and read the paper. With the coffee. You would be immeasurably better off than getting to the end. With a bit of luck you could find an IKEA advertisement in the paper with green chairs on special.

All the above is to explain my nervous feeling when I discovered that the model car kit I got for Christmas has parts in it to build different things…and I am going to have a spare engine and differential and wheels and…and…I have this temptation to go out and get another kit to use them up…





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