Know When To Hold ‘Em


Know when to fold ’em. Know when to listen to Kenny Rogers songs and know when to hum…

Okay, okay, you have your earworm for the day. You’re welcome. Now bear with me.

Every artist, worker, maker, designer, digger, builder, and chef has periods of time when their mind and muscles explode into glorious technicolour achievement – when all they touch turns to gold and work pours out of them like the wealth of nature from a cornucopia.

They also have periods when it all resembles a gas explosion in a sewer and the output is pure shit.

This why all creatives should have more than one outlet for their energies. When one stream slows and stops another can surge forward. Accomplishment can continue in a different direction and the mind can sing a different tune.

If you are a dancer who occasionally doesn’t want to dance, be a herb gardener as well. Or a cactus person. You’ll get back to the floor eventually but poke the oregano in the meantime.

Sick of writing? Get a video camera and tell yourself a story in video. Don’t make the production for anyone else – tell yourself your own fairy tale.

Tired of painting the same old canvases? Take up target rifle shooting.

Your garden stalled? Nothing looks right? Get a large electric train from the hobby shop and build a layout in whatever patch of weeds you have. You’ll soon have more fun than you ever had with the flowers.

Can’t face another designer meal? Make beef jerky and hardtack and dessicated soup and pack a knapsack for a hike. Hike at least two days and eat only the combat rations.

Don’t worry if you do not know how to do it right – it also means that you don’t know how to do it wrong.



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