A New Year’s Greeting


Well, it’s New Years if you ain’t Chinese or Jewish or Muslim. Probably it’s just another day if you are Hindu or Sikh. The Buddhists probably just stand there wondering why the Scots are all lying around this morning with cold compresses on their foreheads – or desperately trying to first foot somewhere. Calendars are dangerous things and in the case of the Caledonians tend to make them bilious and head-sore on the 1st of January.

Well, at least I can wish everyone not wearing a tartan a happy day – and even they will generally feel better by sundown. The 1st of January around here is the traditional get-the-date-wrong-on-the-cheque day and leads to complications with the bank. I suspect it is a ploy that is used to kite bad paper and to give the bad hats time to escape but that might be just cynicism. The really bad…or cheap… hats that I know don’t even bother to pay…

Never mind. it is a new calendar year without being a new religious or commercial one and we can make of it what we will. There will be new elections in South Canada in November of 2016 and we can all participate in them. For people who are not South Canadian citizens we get to bray and tweet and puff and publish with no danger that we will have to regret our vote. No matter who nominates or runs or gets elected – or defeated – it will be wrong, wrong, wrong. If it wasn’t we would be out of a topic to shrill over the chardonnay. It’s a win either way – the ony real danger is if we are seen to support the candidate who gets elected and then they turn out to be the dud that the opposition always said they would be. It’s scary tying your credibility to people on the other side of the world who have none of their own…

Well, politics aside, there will be new challenges to overcome this year. Finding enough money to live well will be one of them. Of course that depends on the definition of well – I already have a run up to the post with my realisation that I have a tow closets full of clothes and never need see the inside of a department store again. Not sure if this is good or bad, but I am sewing button on shirts and pressing trousers. And throwing away Hawaiian gift shirts with never an aloha.

There are no resolutions this year – but there is a list of social contacts to renew. I realise that some of them may not wish to be visited after all these years but then that’s what the Romanian oil refiners in Ploesti thought when the USAAF came to visit and didn’t that work out well. I plan to do the same.

So thank you to all the people who read this column. There will be more all year, because I’m Here All Week.

Uncle Dick Stein



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