Shoplifting At The Car Show


The white Dodge seen here – I think it is a 1952 Coronet – is quite a large car. Large and heavy. Lifting it would be difficult and concealing it under normal street clothing would be almost impossible. Thus, it would difficult to steal it off the side of the street.


At the recent Gillam Drive auto day I did consider it, but eventually had to give up as someone would have seen me lugging it down the street. I did think of covering it over with a asphalt-covered sheet in hopes that the owner would become confused and forget where it was parked, but even that would have been a long shot.


In the end I settled for merely admiring it. It is beautifully proportioned and the colour and style choices are perfect – the wide whites and the wires are wonderful. Ditto the decision to keep the interior as stock as possible. The light grey ribbed fabric is redolent of the period – this is a car for the respectable driver, not the hoon.


I’ve no idea what is under the bonnet, but as cars in Western Australia frequently appear at multiple shows, I hope that I will see it again and will get to see what is in there.


Also, if it is at other shows I will have a chance to whisk it away. I’m going to carry a very large burlap sack with me just in case. But don’t tell the owner I said so…

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