A Gentle Reminder For The Holidays



I read a lot of internet. That explains the cavities in my brain. I don’t mind this as I find that you can fill them with good stuff out of books and actually understand more.

Today I was photographing a scale model* of a Chrysler 300D to test out the idea of a large overhead ” fish fryer” light bank like they use in full-size car shots. I am happy to report that you can get away with a “minnow fryer” when you are working in 1:18 scale. A standard soft box becomes a monster bank when viewed in proportion to the car. I’m still not a complete fan of this style of lighting but it did appear in the advertising shots of the 1950’s and 1960’s. I shudder to think of the technical complexities involved in doing them in the cyclorama studios, particularly with the Rube Goldberg strobe units in use at the time.

The gentle reminder? Whatever the holiday is, whenever the holiday is, you are going to offend someone by wishing them a happy one. If it is religious they can dodge behind another religion and grizzle about it. If it is secular they can hold up nationalism or politics or mindless indignation as an excuse to be angry. You cannot win. Better not to enter the contest.

If you must wish a happy holiday to people offer it on the end of a verbal stick.” I don’t suppose you want to have a particularly merry Christmas, given all that was said on the news.” is likely to engage their attention rather than their ire, and if you just sniff a little and don’t give any more clues you can get away with it. ” It’s the holidays…but not for many people…” is a Bob Geldof-y sort of thing that you can insert into cocktail conversation if the canapés are not particularly engaging. You might be stretching the point by giggling but go ahead and try it.

I have always been a fan of the stern intense look and a serious mien – and the question ” Do you intend to celebrate the holidays decently this year? “. It takes a strong will to say ” No “. If you find someone who does say ” No “, join their party as you will be in with a chance…


  • Toy car.

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