Keep The Paperwork


In the shop I worked at we advised people to keep the boxes, wrappers, and instructions for all the cameras we sold them. It was in hopes that they would read the instruction books – or at least make up a more complete package when they came to trade the gear in again on the next shiny bauble.

We never mentioned that it might also be a condition of getting warranty repairs or replacements for gear that developed faults. I am not entirely sure if this stipulation would have been been legal – I suspect not. Packaging overwhelms us in all walks of life and it is somewhat unrealistic to expect every cardboard box we have ever bought to be preserved on the off chance.

Thankfully a local large hardware chain agrees with me there – I had an air compressor I was using blow up on me in the middle of a spray painting job. Something must have loosened up inside the piston assembly of the compressor and it chewed itself to a noisy stop. I was horrified because I had a gun full of paint at the time. I did the best I could to clean it with no air pressure but was fearful that the insides would be gummed up irretrievably.

Fortunately the hardware store opened late and I could find the receipt for the original purchase some 10 months ago. Sales items here in WA carry a year’s warranty by state law whether the shop states it or not so I took it back. No luck getting the exact same one as replacement ( “We don’t stock them anymore…”) but full money was credited toward a better compressor. I got it home and pumped solvents through the airbrush – I think it is fine.

Kudos to Bunnings for making a return as easy as this – they probably know the small Spear and Jackson compressors were duds and that’s why they’ve dumped them. Let’s hope S&J will credit them back what they paid for it.


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