The Melbourne Cocktail


Okay, run alongside the train of thought for awhile, here. Jump on when you are up to speed.

The Manhattan Cocktail is a delight that generally features rye whiskey or bourbon whiskey, Cinzano Rosso, a dash of Angostura Bitters, and either a twist of lemon or a maraschino cherry. Adjust the proportions as you see fit. Chill the glass, do not let the liquor die in the ice, and enjoy in moderation. Be careful when you type out weblog postings after consuming a good one as spelinge misteaks creep in…

Manhattan is just one district of one city. There are other places:

  1. The Guadalajara Cocktail- substitute tequila for the rye and carry on.
  2. The Minsk Cocktail – out of rye? Got vodka? Carry on. Cherry.
  3. The Melbourne Cocktail – No Cinzano Rosso? Brown Brothers Tawny Port is fine. Wants the twist.
  4. The Innsbruck Cocktail -Rye, Jägermeister, and a twist.
  5. The Toowoomba Cocktail – Bundy, Cinzano Rossi and a cherry. Cold, you can keep it down. Warm, it is useful for removing rust.

The theme running through these recipes is a spirit and a modifier from a particular part of the world. But you must always have one foot in Manhattan – you can’t substitute both main ingredients. There are any number of horrifying possibilities in a well-stocked liquor cabinet but then Edward Teller would never have gotten to his present position of love and affection if he had not figured out how to kill every creature on the planet. You could hardly do worse.

Mix away.

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