Flying The Old Red Flag – A Bull’s Perspective On The Social Media

11Zowie Cover Nov 52

” Click Bates” here – you’ll remember me from such posts as ” Bomb Peking Now” and ” VD For Fun And Profit “. Well, I’m going to get you right on the edge of your seat with this newest revelation. Wait for it. Waitttt foooor iiiittt…

Wow! Wasn’t that amazing! Bet you never saw that coming! Bet you don’t know what to do now that it’s going! Another exclamation point! Two!! Is this man unstoppable?!!!

Now don’t just sit there. You can send this on to all your friends on Fashbook ( The Scottish social network for people who get all worked up over things…) or Fiercebook – for those who are angry about _____( fill in blank and submit to our judges. First prize is a month’s supply of blood pressure medicine.) or even Faecesbook. Try not to send a picture with that last one as the editor is getting a little jaded…

If you elect to do your schrei-ing on Faschesbuch be aware that you will need to submit a detailed ethnic diagram of your grandparents and great-grandparents so that suitable czechs can be made. No, I did not do a typo. We never do typos. We are superior to typos. Typos have been liquidated.

Fussbook is open to all – everyone who has nothing to do all day – retired geezers, stay-at-home parents, unemployable teenagers, and Those Who Wear Eco-Friendly Sustainable Pashminka Shawls Whilst Sipping A Glass Of Government Grant. You may correct God and the government all you wish on Fussbook, and no-one, least of all the Deity, will correct you. Delete you, yes. Block you, yes. Possibly damn you to the fires of Eternal Rockingham. But you’ll still be able to bleat.

Flossbook is , of course, a wasteland of postings by dentists and oral hygiene assistants, and can be safely bypassed. It is really rather sad, as no-one does it for longer than about a week.

But the chief point is you MUST re-post any and all inflammatory material you encounter. If it is lightweight – unable to be confirmed by anything but the reader’s prejudices – all the better. Sparks of anger that are unburdened by the weight of proof travel farther and ignite more spot fires when they land. Anything that flares up really well can be fed by further propaganda.

Remember – it is up to YOU to forward the revolution, or crush the revolution, or sell the revolution for a nifty little profit. And if you can do it with a nifty little prophet, so much the better.





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