VW 201524

Well, what would YOU call a person who takes an enthusiastic interest in VW Beetle sedans? There’s probably something in Latin that would do it more elegantly but you don’t get near as much attention when you shout it out in the pub.

VW 201527

These Beetles at the car club Sunday attracted the Spectator’s wayward glance for a number of reasons – by the way, I have omitted the Herbie-painted one…I don’t go all that much for movie-related cars. These all had just a few standouts:

VW 201528

The black and white V DUBBED has what I suspect is the most body work – I can’t tell how much of the car is original and how much is a body kit. I could be wrong and will stand corrected if John Harney knows more solid information, but in any case the modifications have slicked up the Beetle amazingly. I should be cautious with the minimal front nerf bars but then one should be cautious poking the nose of the car into anything. Helluva coffee machine under that back lid, but he wasn’t ready to serve  while I was there…

VW 201529

The liver-coloured Beetle with the cloth top also excites my interest, if only to know whether it was originally a sedan. The wheels look sturdy enough to tow artillery with.

VW 201511

VW 201513

Speaking of wheels, I could not help also noticing the dark metallic grey five-spokers on the lowered grey Beetle. Very fetching, but a little reminiscent of a sports car. The lowering of the car is also a little surprising – I remember that the high stance and uncluttered underbody of the Beetles in the 1960’s was one of the critical points that lead the Calgary Power company to choose the car for its engineers out in rural Alberta on dam sites and other construction projects. It could straddle down bush trails where other sedans sumped out.

VW 201515

VW 201516

Finally, I was taken by the abstract pinstriping on the white Beetle just beside the edge of the bonnet…until I realised that it was the evidence of panel beating rather than custom painting.


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