Way Hay! Pass Us That Tooba Glue Again!




Thank goodness my workshop has a big roller door and a couple of open windows. I have been at the glue again.

Contact cement. Rubber adhesive. Butyl-nitril-gummo-clagup-sulphate-a doodle or whatever. The stuff they stick kitchen counter laminates down with. The glue that grabs when everything is slightly askew but is too much trouble to unstick and try again. The 92º right angle glue.

The stuff that makes your fingers look like you’ve been giving your nose a Manjurah cleaning.

I favour it for any number of jobs where I cannot wait long periods before slapping the project together. It can quickly assemble a lot of things that you can then pin or screw tighter. It can also put leather goods together for stitching. And in one memorable instance it put a leather-look covering over the entire dashboard of a Renault 10 sedan that had no need whatsoever for the treatment. It was such a foolish and improbable project by and ignorant and unskilled meddler that it worked perfectly…


Today’s project is a spray paint booth for small models to make sure that the overspray goes somewhere else. The materials are from the Things To Hand Shop and  it is being constructed according to plans provided by Back Of An Envelope. The motive power is a dodgy old National Panasonic room fan that you could not kill with a harpoon.


The foam board is held together by silver gaffer tape and there are various wood re-enforcements. It sets on a home-made cabinet that contains an air compressor and tools. And the whole shebang rolls right up to the window to expel the fumes.

At present the baffle board that will catch the paint and filter the particles is an experimental bit of cardboard but we’ll change design as necessary with experience. The doggy continence pads are coming in handy.

Our Prime Minister is touting us as an inventive nation and who am I to say him nay – especially when I am running on glue fumes.


NEXT DAY Notes: It works! I can spray acrylic paints on model cars and all the smell and overspray disappears out the window. Dead chuffed.


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